The term philology comes from lat. philologĭa, gr. ϕιλολογία, comp. of ϕιλο- "filo-" and λόγος "speech", and means "love of learning, love of letters, love of study, and literary culture. A “philologist” is a friend and lover of speech, and language in oral and written historical sources.


We do believe that if you study art for love, you should put your knowledge at the service of others and do your best to spread it!

The art of in-person discussion—whether scholarly, scientific or creative—is not yet lost.


Our philological salon erases the gap between audience and artist —stimulates conversations in which everyone’s voice is heard. At RECEPTIO there’s almost no separation between audience and lecturers, storytellers, poets, professors, artists, and that creates an intimate, supportive environment, as a pushback against the decline of face-to-face human contact in our digital age.


From poetry brunches to multimedia presentations, from educational paths associated with exhibitions, to scientific discussions our gatherings point to the universal need for personal interaction and mental exercise. They allow people to come together to increase their knowledge and hone their tastes through conversation and the exchange of ideas. Our mission is to allow debate, to stoke passion and to inspire. 

A modern iteration of the traditional literary salon, RECEPTIO organises monthly gatherings showcasing experts in the worlds of science, the arts and culture lovers.

Our library looks more like a private living room: huge velvet sofas, deep leather armchairs and faded Persian rugs. 


Salons in the 21st century from Dubai to London, from New York to Paris, cross borders, languages and even the digital wall. Salons aren’t just a lot of people attending a reading or lecture.


So, let's join us in our salon: the key is the cultural interaction and the exchange and growth of ideas.

Take a look at our events, our publications, our courses and lectures, our scientific projects and come and visit us. Each event is by reservation, places are limited, access is free.

Moderna iterazione del tradizionale salotto letterario, RECEPTIO organizza mensilmente incontri con esperti del mondo della scienza e delle arti con gli amanti della cultura.


La nostra biblioteca sembra più un salotto privato: divani in velluto, comode poltrone  e tappeti persiani. 


I moderni salotti letterari del XXI secolo, da Londra a Dubai, da New York a Parigi attraversano i confini, le lingue e persino la parete digitale: perché una conferenza non deve essere forzatamente sinonimo di molte persone che assistono ad un monologo, ma può essere interazione, scambio di idee ed essere anche condivisa sui social.


Unitevi a noi, nel nostro salotto nel cuore di Lugano: la chiave è l'interazione culturale e lo scambio di idee stimolanti.


Date un'occhiata ai nostri eventi, alle nostre pubblicazioni, ai nostri corsi e conferenze, ai nostri progetti scientifici e venite a trovarci. Ogni evento è su prenotazione, i posti sono limitati, l'accesso è gratuito.

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